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The Products

“Simplicity and tradition is what leads us at Le Coquin to always provide you with healthy and tasty treats. ”

We use the knowledge of our ancestors as well as the antique recipes from France with an exotic touch to it. Always in search of the simplicity in tradition.

dairy free ice cream

Dairy Free Ice Cream

We have a range of delicious, guilt-free ice creams for any sweet tooth.

All the pleasure without any sugar.

Whipped Coconut Cream

Our signature coconut whipped cream will become your partner in adding flavour to any of your food creations.

Spice Products Coconut-Cream

The next generation of culinary aid is here.

The possibility to say yes to the sweetness you love again.

Enhance your favorite beverage with a choice of two new delightful spice blends.

Signature Sweet Cinnamon:cinnamon sugar alternative

An invitation to travel to the east, with the powerful flavour and benefits of the spice, cinnamon.
A sweet and healthy alternative to the traditional cinnamon sugar we know.
This spice will be your finishing touch for: breakfast, cereals, cakes, creams, desserts, ice creams, pancakes, smoothies…and more.