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About Us

Le-Coquin Boulangerie Caillaud

“We consider the creation of sweets as an Art, as simply a true form of expression and inspiration just like music, painting, or sculpture.

We imagine and then create sweets the way we would like them to taste and make us feel… Many cultures, people and places, and around the world inspire us in the creative quest and process, but at the core, real guilt free pleasure is our number one guide.

Our constant attention towards the consumers’ needs is the foundation of our company policy, we are driven to show maximum transparency and provide excellence in quality.

Our loyalty towards consumers and the special trust they choose to put in our products are at the core of the long-lasting relation that we do enjoy with them.

Our Company practices are based on mutual trust between colleagues, full dedication and transparency towards the people we are involved with.

Our Mission: To Provide You Sensations, Tastes and Healthy Pleasures


The Founder, Antoine Robert, has a rich heritage that began in 1923 when the passion for food started when the first family generation of baker and chocolatier blossomed. They opened the first store in Pornichet France to develop their fine baking skills to establish the business in the 1920s. “Louis Caillaud” was dedicated to producing the finest baked items. In fact, his legacy continues today. Whether it’s our use of rare and organic ingredients or our handmade pastries and chocolates; we never compromise on the experience, quality, style or pleasure we want you to benefit”
Combining elements of modern all natural ingredients with the original classic recipes used in 1923, Le Coquin is ushering in a new era in fine healthy and sweet tasting foods. It’s an era where the techniques and traditions of exquisite baking are celebrated, and pastries are created for the customer who values superior quality and a sophisticated experience.

Le-Coquin Pornichet 1930 Boulangerie CAILLAUD

About The Founder, Antoine Robert:

Why has he been following this path? It all started when he experienced an eating disorder as a teenager. Deep inside he knew it wasn’t right and that he had to find a way out. It became a quest to find out what was wrong and it helped in his development. After years of travelling across the globe and discovering the right recipes to enjoy the sweetest things in life and feel good he stumbled upon the most important thing: That food is not an enemy, but a true ally to provide you real pleasure.
// Antoine Robert